Walt Disney Imagineering's
Imaginations Design Competition 2018 
Finalist -3rd Place-

Our Story...

It all began at 3 am on a normal Wednesday, as my friend, Ken, and I were frantically trying to finish our homework due that afternoon. We were chatting about inconsequential things while working when a question popped into my head,​

"So, what's your dream job?" 

I asked casually, to which Ken replied, 

"I want to be a concept artist at Disney Imagineering."​

Ken enthusiastically described his dream workplace to me, until he mentioned the Imaginations Design Competition.

"Do you wanna do it?" he asked.​

"... sure. Why not."

That morning, we pitched the idea to my roommate, Kaho, and the three of us were suddenly all on board.​

In under six weeks, we created ONIBA, a themed resort built on the remains of the abandoned ghost town in Kinugawa, Japan.​

I am very excited to finally share this project with the world.

My warmest thanks go out to my team members, Kentaro Yajima and Kaho Horiuchi, all the Imagineers who made this experience possible, and everyone who supported us through this journey.

The Art of Oniba

A compilation of sketches & designs for Oniba.

These are some of the sketches and designs that may not have made it into the final presentation, but helped my team develop our story and world. This is where our project began.

The project was conceived by the Otis College of Art and Design Team and created for the 2018 Walt Disney Imagineering’s Imaginations Design Competition.

The competition is a way for students and recent graduates to showcase their talents and for Walt Disney Imagineering to identify new talent.

This project is the sole property of Walt Disney Imagineering and all rights to use these ideas are exclusive to Walt Disney Imagineering.